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Do You Walk by Faith or Do You Live in Fear?

How do look at life?  Do you face struggles and trials head on, or do you tend to turn the other way and run?  Are you gripped with fear at each twist and turn and cannot seem to find a balance on how to live?  Can you imagine yourself stepping back, assessing the situation and…

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Hear Me Out

Have you ever been in a conversation with someone and you find yourself tuning the other person out?  You may have other things on your mind that needs your full attention or maybe you just don’t want to hear the ‘same ole same ole’ story again.  Or have you ever found yourself appearing to listen…

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Endings and New Beginnings

Part 4 of Series on False Prophets One always knows something is up whenever they hear a lot of chatter.  Throughout our history we have always heard the talk about the end of times.  Some take this seriously, while many just brush off this talk.  Many are out there that do not believe that the…

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What God Says and What False Teachers Claim

Part Three of the Series on False Prophets I do not know about you, but with the fast pace of today’s world and how quickly things have gone from bad to worse in just a blink of the eye, we have never been more inundated with false claims posing as “biblical truths”.  Everyone it seems…

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The Testing Parameter to Measure the Truth

Part Two of the Series on False Prophets Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?  This is what one normally is asked as they are being sworn in during their testimony in our court system. It is vital that the truth be found because of the foundation…

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